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    Delhi designer Anju Modi’s new bridal line gives us something to think about

    Inspired by Himalaya’s picturesque Valley of Flowers, designer Anju Modi is debuting her latest bridal collection at Evoluzione. With a shift from fabrics like light and heavy raw silks to a blend of cotton and chanderi, Modi’s latest concentrates on bridal attire with a splash of floral motifs to bring a sense of freshness to Chennai’s sultry weather. “In this scorching heat, to add some vibrancy to the bridal wear, I  chose the concept of the Valley of Flowers. The line has breathy materials  and light colours, apart from the regular reds,” says the Mumbai-based designer.devi-large-01
    Considering that an Indian wedding lasts more than three days, this collection promises to retain the fashion quotient with a sense of quirkiness. With no formal training in fashion designing, Modi is a strong believer in ‘learning on the job’ and says she chose Chennai for the launch of her summer collection essentially for the warm weather.  “As a designer I have to present something that is city-centric, like cotton lehengas that are ideal for the weather here. Amidst the happenings of a summer wedding too, people want to follow trends, like light fabrics, and look nice,” she says
    Her line also comprises fabrics like chiffon, khadi and silk malmal, which the designer says is ‘something new’ for her. Apart from heavy bridal wear like hand-crafted lehengas and embellished blouses in rich tones of burgundy, ruby and emerald, the collection has easy-to-pack outfits like asymmetric jackets, gowns with a lot of layering,  and light saris in soft peaches, sunflower yellows and sky blues that a bride can wear beyond D-day.

    Today and tomorrow. From Rs 16,800 onwards.
    Details: 9940010803
    —Srishti Dasgupta


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