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    Tatiana Maslany on playing different characters and the challenges that come with it

    Having stirred viewersa�� imaginations with the implications of rampant human cloning, season two of the sci-fi series Orphan Black, will premiere today on AXN. As the protagonist, actor Tatiana Maslany has her work cut outa��she has to don seven starkly contrasting characters, including the likes of an Ukranian religious cult survivor, an accented German and a lesbian scientist. Maslany talks about playing the different roles, developments in the new season and guest stars on show.

    Tatiana-as-her-clone---RachHow important is your acting double, Kathryn Alexandre?
    Shea��s so incredible. Shea��s the most generous actor because, though we dona��t see her on screen, she comes to set having memorised all the lines so she can prompt me. Half the time Ia��m talking to a tennis ball or an a�?xa�� on the wall so when I get Kathryn, ita��s a total dream.

    A lot of fans are in denial and think Helena (a clone) is still alive. Is she really dead?
    The writers dona��t make it easy for us. They take away characters we care about. People will die and thata��s just the nature of the show.

    There are a lot of cool new guest stars. Anyone you were excited to work with?
    I wasA� excited about everybody. Michael Huisman came on and hea��s an amazing actor. Patrick J Adams and Michelle Forbes were incredible, too.

    Your most physically-challenging clone and your most difficult accent.
    I think the London accent was the most difficult. Ita��s so specific to a neighbourhood. As far as physicality, Ia��ve been playing a lot with Rachel, the clone we meet at the end of season one. Shea��s quite difficult to maintain as her posture is impeccable.

    On AXN, today at 9 pm.

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