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    Tatiana Maslany on playing different characters and the challenges that come with it

    Having stirred viewers’ imaginations with the implications of rampant human cloning, season two of the sci-fi series Orphan Black, will premiere today on AXN. As the protagonist, actor Tatiana Maslany has her work cut out—she has to don seven starkly contrasting characters, including the likes of an Ukranian religious cult survivor, an accented German and a lesbian scientist. Maslany talks about playing the different roles, developments in the new season and guest stars on show.

    Tatiana-as-her-clone---RachHow important is your acting double, Kathryn Alexandre?
    She’s so incredible. She’s the most generous actor because, though we don’t see her on screen, she comes to set having memorised all the lines so she can prompt me. Half the time I’m talking to a tennis ball or an ‘x’ on the wall so when I get Kathryn, it’s a total dream.

    A lot of fans are in denial and think Helena (a clone) is still alive. Is she really dead?
    The writers don’t make it easy for us. They take away characters we care about. People will die and that’s just the nature of the show.

    There are a lot of cool new guest stars. Anyone you were excited to work with?
    I was  excited about everybody. Michael Huisman came on and he’s an amazing actor. Patrick J Adams and Michelle Forbes were incredible, too.

    Your most physically-challenging clone and your most difficult accent.
    I think the London accent was the most difficult. It’s so specific to a neighbourhood. As far as physicality, I’ve been playing a lot with Rachel, the clone we meet at the end of season one. She’s quite difficult to maintain as her posture is impeccable.

    On AXN, today at 9 pm.

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