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    Celebrities who have dared to go au naturel

    Pirelli Calendarai??i??s annual issue makes headlines every year for their uniquely-themed photographs. The 2017 calendar with pictures shot by Peter Lindbergh featured some of the most loved Hollywood faces without any make-up. Julianne Moore who was one of the featured faces, professed her love for keeping it natural. We look at other stars who have been photographed sans make-up and spoken out about the importance of keeping it real. ai??i??Compiled by Priyanka Shankar

    Nicole Kidman2

    Australian-American beauty, Nicole Kidman has been giving cosmetics a miss at several photoshoots since November. The 49-year old award winning actress spoke about the importance of inner beauty and made a statement in a media interview. ai???Female power is the courage to be yourself, to be able to walk into a room and be yourself. Weai??i??re so used to airbrushing these days so youai??i??re not used to seeing people not have a perfect image. Thereai??i??s an enormous amount of judgment and the more we can strip that away, the better.ai???


    Gwyneth Paltrow

    Iron Man star, Gwyneth Paltrow, supported the No Make-up movement and went make-up-free for her 44th birthday this September. The multifaceted actor went on to post bare-faced pictures on her social media accounts. ai???I have been very inspired by the #nomakeup movement as the message behind it says, here I am, this is me. This is what I look like, this is where I am in time, and I embrace it,ai??? she stated in an interview


    Zendaya Coleman5

    Actress and singer Zendaya Coleman has been receiving mixed responses from her fans about her make-up free appearances. After the Met Gala red carpet, the K.C. Undercover actress stunned LAX (Los Angels International Airport) with her glasses and casual slippers. As a reply to the criticism about her make-up-free look, the 19-year-old responded on Instagram with a video in which she says, ai???It should not be a phenomenon if a girl decides to, or not to, wear make-up. If you want to beat that face down, then beat it down. If you want to go natural, then go natural. Do you, booboo. Be happy. (sic)ai???

    Alicia Keys1

    Singer and songwriter Alicia Keys first spoke out about deciding to ditch make-up with an essay in the popular blog Lenny Letter this May and the idea gained popularity among her fans. In one of her shows in September, she wiped off the makeup on her face using a tissue on live television. She later on, went make-up-free in a photoshoot for her new album which led to a major realisation for the star. After that shoot, the 35-year old shared, ai???It has made me feel the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt. (sic)ai???


    Gasex cheap Cameron Diaz3

    The My Best Friendai??i??s Wedding actress Cameron Diaz has always been encouraging women to embrace the look theyai??i??ve been born with. The 44-year-old star wrote an article for The Body Book earlier this year about her ideas on natural beauty. Diaz who constantly posts no makeup selfies and pictures on her social media accounts preaches what she practises. ai???Itai??i??s about LIVINGai??i?? and I want you to live the happiest longest and healthiest life possible. So letai??i??s start celebrating and living an engaged life, and stop punishing ourselves for not looking a certain way (sic),ai??? she said.


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