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Summer is soaring upon us, and while we love the sun it is vital to keep our skin summer ready. Brace yourself for the oily summer months; leave your skin moisturised and glowing with Just Herbsa�� range of alcohol-free facial toners. These toners come in 3 different flavours for different skin types taking on clogged pores and grease-slick situations caused by heat.
There is one for all skin types. Sacred Lotus-Green tea skin recovery toner for all skin types, Pomegranate Mandarin pore refining tonique for enlarged pores and Myrrh Sandalwood restorative tonique for oily/combination skin.
Sacred Lotus- Green Tea skin recovery toner is an alcohol-free toning formula loaded with anti-oxidants. Where as, Pomegranate Mandarin pore refining tonique is a formula traditionally used in Ayurveda for a variety of skin benefits.
Myrrh Sandalwood restorative tonique is a harmonious alcohol-free blend of steam-distilled waters of Myrrh, sandalwood and certified organic Aloe Vera juice to remove the last traces of dirt and grime and cleanse skin pores. Price: Rs 495 Details: www.justherbs.in