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    From exam fever to the nature of break ups, herea��s what is A�trending this weekA�

    Stress buster
    Ita��s results season a�� the time of the year when students are biting their nails off, relatives grow extra interested in studentsa�� lives, and parents have started camping at temples. Right on cue, comedian Vir Das has uploaded a motivational video, Your Voice. The video shows that listening to your inner voice and staying confident matters the most. Targetting students who are tensed, stressed out, overwhelmed and worried about being accepted into universities and colleges, the video sees Das holding up placards printed with encouraging words. He drives home the points he wants to get across with comical expressions that go along with the sentences displayed. His message has reached over 1,65,000 netizens.
    Calling it quits
    What do you do when you realise ita��s time to break up with your significant other? Panic, of course. But whata��s your plan of action? Meet them? Text them? Talk to them? Nope! You often make the mistake of seeking advice from your best friends, your siblings and maybe even your mum. This video, The Break up is another addition to Kanan Gilla��s comedy sketch series a�� How Insensitive. Ita��s tickling many funny bones around the country with its not so mainstream approach to the a�?break-upa�� phase. Youa��ll see artistes Kanan Gill and Kaneez Surka struggling to let each other know that they dona��t want to continue this relationship. Have a hearty laugh as you witness the various obstacles they create for themselves, fuelled by their best friends a�� Naveen and Sumukhi. With close to 100,000 views, the video seeks to find the solution to this real big problem.
    Little genius
    Ever felt desperate to find out what surprise gift a loved one has got you? If yes, youa��re not alone. Only, this little girl came up with an ingenius way of getting to the bottom of it. Lily Bauer wrote a letter to her mother, pretending to be her dad, by calling herself his a�?wifea��, reported Huffington Post UK. She tried to trick her mother, Krysta by executing this master plan to find out what they had bought her for a birthday present. The adorable letter goes, a�?What did you get Lily for a surprise again? I forgot. Please reply herea��a�? She may not have fooled anyone, but she certainly melted her mothera��s heart and a zillion othersa�� across the globe!
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