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    Gwen Stefani and Emily Blunt started 2014 with their bundles of joy, but tinseltown is far from over with this yeara��s baby boom

    Wilde child
    Mum-to-be Olivia Wilde seems to get more radiant with every day of her pregnancy. Now less than two months away from the due date, the Rush actress and her fiancA� Jason Sudeikis remember the day of reckoning as May The Fourth Be With You! Wilde will next be seen in Better Living Through Chemistry and then, once the baby is born, shea��ll have two months of uninterrupted motherhood before her next project, Meadowland,
    begins shooting in July.

    HollywoodNew3Washington news
    She hid her marriage to former NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha very well, but there was no hiding Kerry Washingtona��s pregnancy at the Academy Awards. The actress pulled off a bump-free look on her show Scandal too,A� but at the Oscara��s, her hunger pangs gave her away. She was the first to raise her hand when host Ellen DeGeneres offered her pizza but then had to decline because she is on a gluten-free diet. And if her co-star Columbus Short (Harrison to Scandal fanatics), is to be believed, the bundle of joy might just be Columbus. a�?Shea��s naming her baby Columbus, whether ita��s a boy or a girl,a�? he is reported to have said.

    Seeing scarlet
    Scarlett Johansson is expecting her first child with fiancA� Romain Dauriac, according to reports. But the star is still to confirm this herself and has been covering up her baby bump rather unsuccessfully with oversized coats. Despite being about five-months pregnant, the Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor is busy with promoting the film after which she has confirmed that The Avengers: Age of Ulton is well on track. a�?Wea��re full steam ahead. We start shooting soon and Ia��m stunt training and wea��re good to go. Everything is going just fine. The Black Widow always wins and will continue to,a�? the ex-wife of Ryan Reynolds said.

    Moves like Jagger
    The Jaggers are no strangers to odd behaviour, so it is no surprise that while Jade Jagger is all set to become a grandmother to her 21-year-old Hollywood2bdaughter Assisia��s baby, the wife of Adrian Fillary announced that she too is pregnant. She tweeted, a�?Happy to announce this granny is going to become a mummy, Ia��m 6 months pregnant xx double whammy this year.a�? And while Assisi, a sober young girl, is staying away from her muma��s bad influences, Jade insists that ita��s better off that theya��re pregnant together. Perhaps, theya��ll have mended fences at the baby shower that Jerry Hall. (Micka��s ex-wife) threw them!

    Drewa��s angels
    Drew Barrymore, already mum to 18-month-old Olive, her daughter with husband of nearly two years, Will Kopelman, 37, announced in November that she was pregnant with baby number two. Hardly a month later, the Charliea��s Angels star said that a baby girl was on the way. Heavily pregnant and pleasantly plump, Barrymore has recently launched Find It In Everything, a concept photography book which evolved from a decade of work and includes photographs of heart-shaped patterns and designs that she found in daily life. And while all is well with the pregnancy, it is getting her stuck in doorways because her little bundle of joy isna��t quite so little! At a recent book signing, a female guard attempted to stand back and let Barrymore through, but her bump took up too much room, and the actress was left struggling to make her way through the small gap. All good things dona��t necessarily have to be a small package!

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