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    German play, Hotel Paradiso hits the city stage

    The picturesque landscape of the Alps forms the backdrop for the play, Hotel Paradiso, which is all set to premiere in the city. Taking audiences into a world of utter chaos and humour, the production offers a glimpse into strange relationships and absurd occurrences through the medium of comedy. Brought to the stage by Berlin-based theatre company, FamilieFloz, the play is set in the quaint, family-run Hotel Paradiso.
    a�?Ita��s a fun comedy about the crazy people who work in this old-fashioned hotel and their encounters with the equally funny guests. Instead of a few days of peace and quiet, the guests are dragged into some crazy adventures,a�? begins producer, Gianni Bettuci.

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    The plot follows the lives of the family that owns the hotel. Therea��s the dreamy and clumsy Urs, the son, whoa��s looking for love and inevitably falls for every female guest who crosses the hotela��s threshold. Trying to gain total control of the property, his sister, Regina on the other hand, is resolute, strong and modern. Then, therea��s their mother who rules the hotel with an iron fist. a�?The guests are the victims of this fight amongst the family members. There are more than 25 characters and not a single word is spoken. The main theme of the play is the struggle between generations, between wanting to stick to tradition and the will to change and keep up with the pace of the modern world,a�? says Bettuci about the silent play.
    Offering viewers a unique experience, this form of theatre uses masks that are expressive and over the top. The experimental piece, which has travelled to places as far and wide as Zimbabwe, Israel, Georgia, Iran, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Colombia and more, takes inspiration from the a�?clowna��, reveals Bettuci. a�?The clown is a metaphor for the loser in society. We aim to take fiascos and failures and turn them into comedy. We dona��t use words because we think that this is what unites humankind,a�? he says in conclusion.
    October 30 and 31. At MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield. Tickets (`750 upwards) on

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