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    A look at artistes at the top of the charts

    1. Waves
    A remixed version of the original by Dutch singer-songwriter Mr Probz, this track is given a fresher, faster feeling by German electronic music producer Robin Schulz. With more than 45 million plays on spotify, ita��s been incredibly popular worldwide due to its dance potential and catchy lyrics.

    2. Maps
    American pop-rock sensation Maroon 5 stay near the top with Maps. The lead single from their fifth studio album, V (releasing this month), this up-tempo tune starts with a chilled-out vibe but builds to a powerful chorus, sure to get you moving.

    3. Stay With Me
    Sam Smith goes from crooning to preaching in this one, which is meant to be the story of a�?the morning aftera��. Rooted in the very basic elements of soul with hints of gospel, the dramatic church organ and a backing choir give this one added punch.

    4. Boom Clap
    Charlie XCX is certainly making herself comfortable on the charts with this track. It begins like a clunky booming song before giving way to catchy synth pop. Her voice adds the much needed hook and is reminiscent of 90s bubblegum pop.

    5. Ghost
    Proving herself worthy of being signed on by Simon Cowell, X Factor contestant Ella Henderson wows with this one. With a Bastille and Duffy sort of indierock and indietronic vibe, the number is at first overpowering then settles with her vocals coming in. Style changes in the chorus are an interesting production decision, clearly a success.

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