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Expect the unexpected from thisA�British rock band

As wild and adventurous as they are on stage, we found that offstage, Will and the People are nothing short of charming. Chatting with band member Jim Ralph, at the recent SulaFest in Nasik, we discover what to expect from their upcoming gig, and from the rest of the band a�� Will and Jamie Rendle, and Charlie Harman.

Whata��s on the cards for Sunday?
Wea��ve been practising Bollywood-style dancing! Ita��ll be an upbeat set, with songs from all our three albums. We do improvise a lot. Often, Will does something and the rest of the us dona��t know whata��s coming. We stay on our toes, and promise youa��ll never see the same set twice.

How do you bring different sounds together across genres?
Ita��s not conscious. We just listen to a lot of different types of music. Charlie is into reggae, Will likes
jazz and hiphop. We like to soak up all music, and it seeps through, I guess.

Biggest influences.
Bob Marley, Radiohead, The Police. And Red Hot Chili Peppers. Theya��re just too awesome. They are a band of our generation and they are so massive, yet they are also true to themselves. They make music that they like, but it also works commercially. They also each have their own personality, which we find very inspiring.

More on the group dynamics.
Wea��ve lived together in Reading for four years. Will and Jamie are actual brothers, but we are all soul brothers. I think wea��re living the dream!

Whata��s in store for 2015? Wea��re excited to play at the
Secret Garden Party, UK. Our new manager has lined up our first trip to USA, in September. California should be a place our music
will really suit. We are expecting it to be full of shiny happy people!
Free event. February 15, 7 pm. At Toit, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar.
Details: 9019713388

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