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    Shopcade, the Pinterest of shopping, makes its way to India

    A QUICK fix for those who want to stay on trend, Shopcadea��s website and app are here to brighten the monsoon. While the website was launched in India just last week, the e-commerce shopping site began in 2010 and is based in London.

    Speaking about their expansion to India, CEO and co-founder Nathalie Gaveau explains that Indiaa��s large e-commerce presence was a draw. a�?Seeing that India has been a top location for the Shopcade mobile app downloads, wea��re proud to open a dedicated Indian feed for our members,a�? she says. Kriti Tula, the country manager for India, adds that the website and app will focus on India as both a consumer and provider. a�?Our team of credible bloggers and other influencers will browse the Internet to help Indian Shopcade users sort through the right trends at the right prices,a�? Tula says.

    Trend tracking
    The website is divided into sections a�� from the basic a�?girlsa�� and a�?guysa�� to a�?trendinga��, a�?top brandsa�� and a�?top dealsa��, among others. Easy to navi-gate, it gives you the opportunity to go straight to a tab of your prefer-ence. According to Gaveau, a�?it is the go-to app for fashion lovers who are looking for celeb styles, real-life trends and dealsa��.

    Sharing our enthusiasm, design-er and quirky milliner, Little Shilpa says, a�?I like the trend-based approach in a mood board format, which makes shopping fun and easy. I expect Shopcade will help them shop according to the trends that work for them.a�?
    Offering apparel, accessories, shoes and jewellery, you can either buy instantly or save the products you like for later (read: when they go on sale). Some brands here are Dorothy Perkins, Chemistry, Elle, DonebyNone, Forever New, FCUK, and Puma, giving users a wide choice. Once you decide to make a product your own, youa��ll be directed to the website that it is available on, away from the Shopcade site or app.

    Fresh appeal
    We particularly love that the app allows users to grade merchandise, even if they dona��t buy it, thus help-ing future shoppers with their pur-chase. What we love more, are the options you can rate them as a�� Sexy, OMG, Worth It, Bargain, Yum!, So Fly and LOL, giving you an exact opinion from other shoppers. You can also browse for beauty products, home decor, gadgets and other items in Shopcadea��s global catalogue with over 100 million choices and 150,000 brands.

    On iOS and Android. Details: shopcade.com

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