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    What you need to cart home atA�Pookaari and why you ought to be quick about it

    SHRI Vyshnavi Annusha��s decision to launch Pookaari, a new online multi-brand boutique, has nothing to do with the fact that Annush belongs to one of Coimbatorea��s oldest textile business families, the 50-year-old KG Group (Kadri Mills). In fact, 33-year-old, Annush took her cue from Gilt, the US-based website she loves to shop at. Launched on October 31, Pookaari showcases curated collections of products ranging from designer jewellery, bags and scarves to accessories like iPad sleeves and umbrellas for a limited period. With branded collections from across the countrya��think Bbling, Joli, Plumeria, Deepa Sethi and othersa��an update on the site brings us boutique products from Raya and jewellery from Caratlane. Describing the collections on her site as vibrant and eclectic, Annush says, a�?The jewellery section features festive and ethnic collections like silver dipped in gold with semi-precious stones.a�? While Jolia��s laptop bags, iPad sleeves and totes have the quirk factor, we like the handcrafted orange canvas tote bag made of felt and antique leather, from Studio Kassaa��s collections. Introduced recently and featuring tie and dye prints, dabu prints and kantha techniques, their collection of hand-woven linen scarves are designed by Annush and hand embellished by women from the villages of Maharashtra. Promising new names every two weeks, the vice-chairperson of the Coimbatore chapter of the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) promises celebrity favourites like Karieshma Sarnaa (an ethnic clutch brand) and Malleka, offering statement jewellery in the coming months. Seven days to deliver to Chennai.

    Prices range from Rs1,000 to Rs15,000. Details: pookaari.com

    a�� Karan Pillai


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