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    1Ita��s been one of those strange weeks mixed with health, wellness, beauty and a little academia as well. For me it began with Spellinc, the annual spelling bee by Linc pens, where year on year Ia��m astounded, both by the level of difficulty and the talent of the students. My favourite words this year? Paucity,A� Anemone andA� Phobophobia. And talking about competition, this week also saw the breaking of a Guinness World Record, by Bhargav Narasimhan, for the fastest time to solve five Rubika��s cubes one handed. It was quite something to watch, as Bhargav proceeded to enthrall his audience at Starmark, Express Avenue, completing the task in one minute and 23 seconds.
    Next on the list, Auroville kick started their month-long festival a�?What is Aurovillea��, aiming to showcase in a nutshell, the essence of the community, and to give people a more direct experience. Elements like art, nature and sustainability are key factors, many of which will be highlighted in a series of events all through this month. Later on in the week Chennaia��s swish set headed to the launch of Spring Med Spaa��s, Spring Hair Clinic where Dr Rajnikanth, the man behind the brand, played host to an audience that comprised of businessmen, entrepreneurs and movie stars.
    Meanwhile the E Club hosted a special afternoon at the Taj Coromandel, where the ladies got to interact with the team from About Face, a beauty and skincare destination, in a relaxed setting. Over cocktails and snacks, the conversation included a lesson on the basics of skincare.
    The week ended with Anams Man showcasing their latest collection with a show choreographed by Karun Raman at ITC Grand Chola. Friends, well wishers and party goers bagged front row seats to check out the new range. It was nice to see menswear get extra attention for a change, although continuing the trend that they started, the Anams line also saw leggy female models sporting mena��s shirts in different ways. Stylist Shilpa Vummiti had them draped as tops, knotted as dresses and the good old boyfriend style as well. While many of the male models got approving nods from the ladies in the front row, it was evident that everyone was waiting for showstoppers Jeyam Ravi, Prachi Desai and Neha Dupia. Backstage, post the show was chaos with most of the audience lining up for pictures.



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