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    Minkse offers statement pieces that tell a tale

    Years of world travel and a penchant for photography inspired Bangalore-based Minku Buttara��s fashion and home accessory label, Minkse. Creating quite a stir at trade fairs and exhibitions around the country, Buttar believes that the future of retail is decidedlyA� online. And thata��s where the best of her stoles, bags, cushion covers and lamp shades are available, all beautiful showpieces of her original artwork in vibrant colours.

    a�?I have always been a very vibrant person and my art reflects that,a�? Buttar enthuses, telling us about her interior designing, painting and photography background.

    BuyLead2Natural instincts
    Nature is the overriding theme of her first collection and features everything from falling leaves and flowers in bloom to boats, sunsets and cityscapes (a�?they too have a raw beauty of their own!a��). And born through an interesting process. Buttar captures various images on her camera, and then transfers it onto her computer where she digitally enhances it and plays around with filters, saturations, colours and textures a�� a process carried out entirely by her. She then transfers these images, with bright pops of colours and contrasts in a partially abstract form, onto various fabrics, primarily through digital printing.

    Silken comforts
    Her cushion covers a�� that come in three sizes, runners and lamp shades are made in satin and silk, her statement bags a�� laptop bags and totes to satchels and clutches, are a combination of premium quality leather and satin silk. And with a tiny card that tells a story a�� a�?they carry a little piece of mea�?. The highlight for us was the range of delicate Pashmina stoles that are definite conversation-starters. Soft and silky, in abstract and floral prints (with a guarantee of 70:30, Pashimina-wool blend).

    Coming up
    Buttar plans to expand her prod-uct range further in her next collection that is set to be launched mid-August. While the Pashminas get more embellish-ments and embroidery, jewellery, raw silk quilts and accessory cas-es for men are in the pipeline. a�?The jewellery will be in sterling silver with semi-precious stones and diamantes featuring prominently in both vintage, Victorian styles and contemporary, chic designs,a�? Buttar shares, signing off.

    Rs. 2,000 upwards. At Nikhara, Phoenix MarketCity, Whitefield. Details: minkse.com

    a��Susanna Chandy


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