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    THIS week saw a little travel, lots of talented youngsters, and, thankfully, conversations that extended beyond griping about the Chennai heat. Getting a lot of attention was the launch of the Audi R8 V 10 Plus at Leela Palace on Saturday, with racer Aditya Patel and squash champ Dipika Pallikal doing the honours. The sports stars unveiled the fastest Audi on the block by driving the car onto stage, to an eagerly waiting audience. Patel was kitted out in his racing gear, while Pallikal had traded in a�?work weara�� for a cocktail dress. Meanwhile, at The Rain Tree Anna Salai, stand up comic Aditi Mittal was busy entertaining the crowd with a�?Things they wouldna��t let me saya��, her take on everything from the quintessential Indian woman to her infamous bit on feminine products. Living up to the title, the show saw Aditi going all out, not afraid to say it like it is, with Chennai being able to take a good natured jibe or two. On Sunday it was time to relax a bit and enjoy the opening of Factual Fictions, a series of work by VG Venugopal at Gallery Veda. It was great to have the artist at hand, to explain the inspiration behind his recent work.

    My weekend also included a quick trip to Bengaluru, where the good weather followed. House of Chase gave the city a taste of the Chennai-based brand, with a pop-up shop on MG Road. Their best sellers had young people flocking to the Binny store, especially the bloggers, many of whom it turns out lead rather interesting double lives. One of them shared that she was a civil engineer by day and a fashion blogger by night. They were also surprised at the super young, all-girls team behind the brand. Many photographs later, the party continued at Loft 38, with the crowd enjoying their House of Chase goodies, glow sticks and the music by Arjun Nair and Nishant Naidu. Elsewhere in the city, the Aeropostale team was busy getting the buzz going, leading up to the branda��s launch in Bengaluru. One of their many activities included challenging people to give the hover board a go. Monkey Bar had a queue of anxious looking people outside, trying to work up the courage to take the plunge. Let me tell you, ita��s not as easy as it looks.

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