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    The Fatty Bao celebrates all things Asian8 Patanjali ashwagandha powder price

    We are ge7tting closer to the end of the year and what better way to say goodbye to 2016 than with a culinary bang! Fatty Bao thinks so too and the restaurant has whipped up a menu that brings some interesting Asian street food grills and night market delicacies to your table. Also featured along with this new menu is the Root to Fruit cocktail menu that uses unusual parts of plants that are mixed, muddled and stirred into drinks.

    The result is a selection of cocktails like the Forbidden fruit ai??i?? plum puree, grapefruit and ginger syrup with tequila. One of those that can be sipped through a meal ai??i?? heady and delicious .

    The BigBamBoom combines the silkiness of chamomile gin with the punchiness of wasabi syrup and is topped with soda. The bamboo glass it is served in also lends to the flavour.

    If a light, refreshing drink is what you need, the TaMatcha will give your taste buds a refreshing wake-up call with its basil leaves, matcha syrup and rum combination. And you can be ever so happy with the Mi-So-Happy that combines miso mustard jam with vodka. What makes these drinks even better is that you can request for your drink to be made as per your taste and mood.


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