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Blot! returns to
the city with
explosive EDM and
old-school VFX

After playing a few casual gigs
with a big projection screen and
plenty of gear back in 2007, Blot!
(comprising DJ and producer
Gaurav Malaker and visual artiste,
designer and VJ, Avinash Kumar),
is back in town tonight, attempting
to emulate a live cinema or video
game environment. An acronym
for Basic Love Of Things, their band
has lived through the experience of
being an experimental outfit to
turning iconic. Malaker talks about
pushing audio limits, playing with
VFX, and stage antics.
Where do you look for inspiration?
Our experiences, interactions,
gratitude and that wea��re fortunate
to do something we love is extremely
inspiring. But most of all, gigs are
always a great source of both inspiration
and good memories. All the
time spent in the studio usually distills
down to those few hours of performance,
hopefully making people
happy and creating an immersive
experience. And in that responsibility
lies the greatest inspiration.
Are the visuals spontaneous?
The visuals and music are tweaked
to suit the context, extempore. This
is important because venues can be
dramatically different from one
another. It is challenging but thata��s
what makes it exciting.
The most bizarre incident on stage.
An inebriated gentlemen once
stood beside me the whole show and
kept saying a�?yesa�?, a�?very gooda�?,
a�?shabhasha�?, while wildly gesticulating.
It was sweet at first but was
agonising for the next three hours!
More recently, one regal young chap
gave me `1,000 and said, a�?Well
done!a�? Every job has its perks!
Most memorable performance.
Champangerama, Berlin. By far the
most amazing party we played at. It
changed our perception of EDM.
What does 2015 hold for you?
A new live show, a new sound that
wea��ve been slowly revealing over
this year and a video game in addition
to some great releases.
Anything different lined up for
the gig?
Ita��s been eons since we
played an AV set. So wea��re
going to keep it simple and
stick to the standard
BLOT AV stuff that some
people may be familiar
with. But you can expect
a few surprises.
At blueFrog, Church
Street. Tickets (`1,000 up)
on bookmyshow.co
a��Aakanksha Devi


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