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    After a long wait, my favourite music has finally come to town. The Himalayan Blues Festival featuring three iconic international artistes will play in the city tonight at the Indigo n Blues in Indigo Live Music Bar. The Himalayan Blues is a touring festival that visits several parts of the country to celebrate the blues. This year the festival will make stops at the Bonobo in Mumbai, Indigo Live Music Bar in Bangalore and Phoenix Market City in Chennai. And I for one am glad for the visit, and the breath of fresh and real music it brings with it. Adieu, EDM. Well, for this weekend at least!
    So what really is the blues? In this age of electronic music, I wonder if the young ones really understand this music anymore. Blues is about overcoming hard luck, expressing feelings and getting away from frustrations, letting your hair down, and simply having fun. Blues is an expression of emotions. From unbridled joy to deep sadness, no form of music communicates more genuine emotion. Wait, maybe I need to explain emotion to this new generation too!
    Deeply rooted in American history, particularly African-American history, the blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th century. Its inventors were slaves, ex-slaves and the descendants of slavesa��African-American sharecroppers who sang as they toiled in the cotton and vegetable fields. Ita��s generally accepted that the music evolved from African spirituals, African chants, work songs, field hollers, revivalist hymns, and country dance music. Believe it or not, the origin of blues can also be traced to the drum music of the Amazon. More interesting is the way sub genres of blues have made way to the fore, perhaps I will keep that for later.
    If there was a season for music, like carols during Christmas, this certainly is the time for some blues and especially for this Bangalore sunshine a�� it fits in like a glove. So whether you are into EDM or rock, be sure to get a dose The Himalayan Blues.
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    Trigam Mukherjee is a communications
    and events specialist with Radio Indigo


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