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    Cats in the city now have a posh address, and youa��re welcome to visit or take them home

    Lately, 8th Cross, Jeevan Bhima Nagar is seeing a lot of curious visitors. The point of attraction is a�?The Cat Studioa��. True to the name, ita��s a studio for rescued Indian cats to stay, and for cat lovers to drop by, and hopefully take them home. Alternatively, it offers you a chance to spend time with these furry friends, cuddle them, and decide if you want to adopt one.
    Adoption will happen only when the studio owners are convinced that you and your family can look after these cats a�� feed them well, cat-proof your house, and sterilise them on time.
    Whata��s equally a�?awwa��-inducing, besides the adorable bunch of cats (they look straight out of HD wallpapers) is the studio interiors. It looks like an upmarket cat neighbourhood, complete with decals of street lamps, black cats, and orange and sky blue polka dots. Then there are slabs, tyres, moda stools, beds and pillows for them to jump around, toys to play with, and litter boxes to excuse themselves.
    Purra��s own
    Marketing consultant Vishanth R runs the studio with his wife Osha Shetty, who works for an animal welfare NGO. He responds to our amazement at the beautiful space, a�?Anything thata��s packaged well is easily accepted. Our aim is to encourage the adoption of Indian cats. We clean these cats regularly. Theya��re fed three times a day, with boiled fish/chicken and wet cat food. They are also sterilised.a�?
    Vishanth introduced us to the brigade at the studio, which is an offshoot of Furpurr.in (a platform for animal lovers). The males are Rowdy, Sweety, Pinky, and Gizmo and the females are Bolt, and Lucky. He says, a�?They dona��t care about names. Give them food, cuddles and scratch their necks, and they are happy.a�?
    Take a break
    Cats can be extremely therapeutic, some say, and Vishanth is willing to let you try it out for yourself. Bring your laptop, latch on to their Wi-Fi, or grab a book from their shelf, and hea��s certain youa��d be snoozing in no time. a�?I once slept for six hours while working (laughs),a�? he says. Thata��s thanks to all the purring, and the soothing music in the background.
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