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    Farah Ahmed introduces us to her furry pals

    THE first time interior designer Farah Ahmed fell in love with a cat was as a little girl, when she came across a couple of strays in her garden. She took them in, and named them Blackie and Brownie. “Not very imaginative, I know ,” she laughs, adding, “I took to them naturally, as my mum, Asma Ahmed, too is a total cat lover.” Her current family of cats is best described as adorably pampered furballs with impeccable pedigree.

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    Ahmed now has four beautifully groomed felines. A ragdoll — Leo, two flat-faced Persian siblings — Coco and Fifi, and a point-faced Persian — Oliver, who stalks about haughtily and prefers ‘to be left alone’. Farah tells us that Leo, the ragdoll is perhaps the most exotic, and she made a special trip to the US to bring him home. “Quarantine laws in India then were not so strict, so it wasn’t hard to bring back a pet,” she informs. A mix of Persian, Burmese and Siamese bloodlines, the ragdoll is aptly named since it goes limp when carried and can weigh up to 10 kgs. “They have the sweetest temperament and make for wonderful companions. They are handsome, big boned and yet so gentle,” she tells us. The sister-brother duo, Coco and Fifi, often climb trees where they get stuck or disappear into drawers or closets. “After a frantic search, we discover them drowsy, like we’ve just woken them from a good nap,” says Asma.

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    “Cats reserve their affections for select people and know how to make you feel truly special, unlike dogs who wag their tails at everyone they see. Cats are also a lot cleaner and easier to maintain,” Farah says.

    —Rashmi Rajagopal


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