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    Two comedians reunite, women stand up for their choices and a man multi-tasks beautifully

    Caught out
    If you thought catching a ball or feeding a baby was hard, meet Keith Hartley who can do both simultaneously. The Chicago Cubs fan was in the front row, feeding Isaac, his seven-month-old son when a ball off the bat of Jason Hammel came his way. Switching quickly to what is being called Dad Reflex, Hartley catches the ball with his right hand, as LA Dodgers player, Adrian Gonzalez misses it by a whisker. Eventually, the umpire calls it out and gives theDodgers an edge.
    For real
    Amy Poehler made a surprise appearance on The Late Night last week to reunite with Saturday Night Live castmate for a revival of their weekly segment Really?! The segment used to question news, but this time, they grill Sports Illustrated contributor Andy Beniot for his sexist remarks. Benoit wrote on Twitter that no womena��s sport is worth watching. So the duo pick up on that and take him on, mocking Sports Illustrated on their lack of actual sports coverage, especially the swimsuit calendar.
    Surface level
    Following YouTube channel Nikkie Tutorialsa�� video in May about #ThePowerOfMakeup, women worldwide have taken to social media platforms, especially Instagram to post images of themselves with makeup on only half their face. Hitting out at those who say makeup is wrong, the women defend their right and decisions to wear it. Their cry is that they love themselves and


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