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    Our pick of feminist expressions going viral.

    THE last few months have seen women take centrestage, with several socially-oriented online campaigns dealing with issues like body shaming, eve-teasing and hypocrisy over sexuality. Monica Dograa��s Shivera��from her latest album, Spita��is one of them. The video features a girl (dancer Reshma Gajjar) who goes to audition at an old theatre and performs a range of a�?feminine expressionsa�?. It also has appearances by well-known hair stylist Adhuna Akhtar and the out-of-the-closet hair and makeup artist, Elton Fernandez. With Gajjara��s powerful performance and Dograa��s haunting narrative, the video pushes for decriminalising consensual relationships, irrespective of gender. a�?This project is an attempt to start a conversation about issues we often stay quiet about. It is also a call for a sisterhood of sorts, of women to celebrate their spirit, however different they may be,a�? says the 33-year-old singer and actor.
    Meanwhile, Put Chutney, along with Taapsee Pannu, released Yes Na Yes No Naati No, a music video set to Santhosh Narayanana��s popular song, Come Na Come, from the movie, Soodhu Kavvum. The peppy-yet didactic video, written by Sofia Ashraf, talks about the issue of consent, taking forward a conversation that the movie Pink reignited recently in public forums. Rajiv Rajaram, creative director of Culture Machine, of which Put Chutney is a part, addresses criticism about how we are trivialising important societal discussions like feminine expression by making it a social media trend. a�?We, and others like us, are only trying to trigger a dialogue and if thata��s going to be called cashing into a trend, so be it. As long as the video achieves what it set out to, nothing else matters,a�? he says, asking us to expect more women-centric content from the digital channel in the coming months.
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