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Chef Vikas Khanna adds quirk to Indian mithais

Just in time for the festivities, Vikas Khanna, Michelin-starred chef, hops on board the FOX Life bandwagon with the latest season of Twist of Taste a�� think mithais with his signature twist, like ghiya barfis as macarons. Travelling from Amritsar to Mysore and Jaipur to Kolkata, the chef really brings in a different flavour for the Diwali season. He tells us more.

Tell us a bit about the show.
This time, the landscapes, sweets and the twists will bring a new festive look to the screens. It is a canvas of creativity.

What drew you to this season?
TOT is a very personal story of transformation or metamorphosis of our cuisine. There is a lot of human interaction in the first part and then, later ita��s about just the dish. And the fact that it reflects details of Indian celebration made it more special.

More on your inspiration.
My food team is headed by chef Michael Swamy and I consider myself very fortunate to work with his team and be as original as we possibly can.

International influence
I have worked with some of the top Michelin Star chefs in the US and France. Their kitchens have opened new doors of imaginations for me. Ita��s truly a magical combination when we say a�?why didna��t we think of this before?a�?. Plus, our country in all its diversity inspires in one form or the other!

Quick five
? A kitchen faux pas: Sweet fish biryani. I should have made more!
? Most fun to create: Dates ravioli with smoked watermelon juice.
? Ultimate dessert destination: Jaipur, Mysore, Amritsar, Delhi and Kolkata
? Hoping to experiment with: Lamb in sweets. I had tried a meat halwa in Lahore during Ramadan. That inspired me!
? Hardest to a�?twista��: Mysore Pak. With only three ingredients ita��s hard to alter.
Exotic vs Simple
Ordinary is extraordinary in all its simplicity. I think that is the mantra. I love being inspired by this. So even the ingredients are regular. It is amazing what you can do with simple things!

Premiers October 13,
9.30 pm on Fox Life

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