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    Alliance Francaise will celebrate International Francophonie Day with docu-movies

    Organised every year around March 20, which happens to be International Francophonie Day, this festival is the annual rendezvous of lovers of the French language across the world. This new edition will celebrate the many varieties of French.
    The Alliance Francaise will offer, through a range of concerts, film screenings, and contests (with exciting prizes to be won), the occasion to discover and share the specificities of French languages from different French-speaking countries. through literature, music, games and other surprises. a�?This year, the celebrations are bigger and better as Canada consulate, Belgium and Luxembourg have sent in films and documentaries. These cine works are contemporary, and talk about migrant issues. This is something that people can look forward to,a�? says Purtha Narke, cultural co-ordinator of The Alliance Francaise, Bengaluru.
    Some of the movies that will be screened include Ilot, La rencontre, Henri Henri, Exit, Dead Man Talking, Girlhood and Not My Type. A must-watch is The Shelter which revolves around a winter spent in the heart of an emergency shelter for homeless people in Lausanne. At the entrance to this hidden bunker there unfolds every night the same dramatic ritual, leading to occasionally violent confrontations. The watchmen have the difficult task of a�?sorting the poora�� a�� women and children first, men later if there is room. Even if the shelter can hold 100 people, only 50 a�?chosen onesa�� will be allowed inside to receive a hot meal and a bed. The others know that the night will be a long one.
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