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An ode to the legendaryA� Mohammed Ali Roada��theA� food street of Mumbai

So, all ye foodies there if you have been craving for the smoky kebabs and scrumptious khichda served hot on Mohammed Ali Road tapori style in Mumbai you dona��t need to book your flight. Reason? Barbeque Nation is hosting Mohammed Ali Road food festival from November 4 to 22. The restaurant is bringing the magic Mohammed Ali Road creates during Ramzan month to our city Hyderabad in typical street style. The smell of the sea might not there, but the aroma of flavours will definitely make you hooked on to the platter.
In the street food spread there will be dishes like Tandoori Bater Mussallam-quail cooked in an oven and garnished onion rings with a dash of tangy lemons, Chicken Chatpata- spicy chicken in sauce, flavoured with soy sauce garnished with green onions and Patther Ke Kebab cooked on Ladi stones. Or you can try something as unique as Zam Zam Pulao: a mouth-watering rice dish cooked with mutton, chicken, veggies and a variety of crunchy nuts. Those wanting their platter to be more sumptuous will enjoy biting into Raan Ka Gosht. As the name reads it is a dish of tender mutton pieces cooked in gravy and flavoured with choicest aromatic spices. You will love the flavour.
How can any meal be complete without sweets? Chances are you will be so full after having Malpuas, Badsah Falooda, Shahi Khaza, Aflatoon that you will want to miss the next daya��s meal. Whata��s more, there will be live-counters and rehri-carts, where chefs will be grilling Mutton Seekh Kababs and serving them with warm pav. Scheduled between November 4 and 22, it will be on the full day. Did someone say sweet November? Meal for two: Rs 2,000. Details: 64566692

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