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How to stay alert after long nights of cheering FIFA teams

Alarm clocks, television, football and bags of fried snacks have replaced a good nighta��s sleep for most of us. And with FIFA holding up for another two weeks, we look at some footy hangover cures.
Start your day with 15 minutes of light walking in the open air, says Santosh Kumar, director of Leap Wellness. a�?It will help oxygenate your system and make you alert. But dona��t do any strenuous workouts that will strain your sleep-deprived body further,a�? adds Kumar. Arvind Ashok of The Quad advises frequent breaks during the day. a�?Stretch your muscles because the more tired you are the tighter your muscles will be. And sneak in a 20-minute power nap mid-day,a�? he says. Celebrity trainer Satyajit Chourasia adds, a�?Excessive TV watching can play havoc with your back and eyes. Yoga poses like naukasana (great for the back) and shirasana (forces blood to your head) will help your overall well being.a�? Sleeping with cold packs over your eyes is a good idea, too.

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friut-bowl? Since salty, calorie rich food is a prerequisite of game nights, love your body with a liquid-rich diet. Soups, smoothies and lots of water will help perk up your system.
? a�?Increase your mineral intake by adding more fruits (guavas, bananas) and vegetables ( broccoli, kale) in your diet,a�?A� says Mrinalini Sekar,
owner of Blue Movement Circle, adding nicotine and caffeine are not great ideasa��after an initial high, they will take you very low.
? a�?Green tea could be a good option,a�? says Chourasia, a football fan himself, who teams it with a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.
? And come the weekend, indulge yourself at the spa, working all those kinks out, and then following it with a long nap.

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