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    Order bupron The Mindanao beef skewers are a tribute to the Filipino Muslim community. The dish is made with hand pounded beef, which is slapped onto skewers and is then grilled.

    It pairs perfectly with the Sesame street drink off the new cocktail menu. The Kushikatsu seafood platter is a good pick ai??i?? it comes with skewered fish, prawns, squid and oysters in varying marinades, all skewered. Round off your meal with the Tokyo Banana, which is made of an airy sponge cake shaped like a banana and stuffed with banana custard. The caramelised banana and cinnamon ice cream make it the dessert youai??i??d want to spend time with.

    The Lokot lokot, a crispy rice net with jaggery custard also makes for a great ending to the meal.


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