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Ita��s just 24 days to a fabulous body, skin and hair, for all you year-end party hoppers

With the party season in full swing, our experts give you the low down on clear skin, a lean physique, glowing digits and training apps, plus tips on rocking hair styles, make-up and more.


Eyes right
Shreya Asrani, of make-up and fashion company Shreya and Chandni Asrani, emphasises the a�?need to moisturise the skin twice and to use a chilled potato slice, tea bags or cotton dipped in cold milk to get rid puffy eyes.a�? Also get facials done at least 10 days ahead to avoid nasty redness or zits. For the parties, Shreya says, a�?Smokey eyes are in. Use dark blue, green or purple along with bronze or gold to shine and sparkle the night away.a�?


De-stress central
The team at Bangalorea��s Jiva Grande suggests you take a break from all the party mania around and try Sushuoti. An indulgent treatment that will leave you relaxed and glowing, it includes a blend of herbs, massages and a warm bath of milk followed by hot packs to help dissolve aches and strains. If youa��re already on a party roll, then the Vishram treatment, a deep muscular massage for intense relaxation, is ideal and will take away the stress and knots. Across all Taj properties.


Water power
For those who like their wine and tipple, Dr Chytra Anand, CEO, Kosmoderma Skin and Laser Clinic, suggests that a�?for every glass of vino, one glass of water will keep you nicely hydrated.a�? And to rock your year-end party, she advises that you treat your face to a quick pick me up. a�?Have a medifacial or a photofacial at least two weeks prior. This will remove the dead skin and boost blood circulation, so you will literally glow,a�? she advises.


Fighting fit
Deshraj, professional trainer at a popular members-only club, says, a�?Walking at six kilometres per hour, for a minimum of an hour every day, will help you tone up. The results wona��t be instant but in two weeks, youa��ll notice the inches dropping.a�? You could also opt for daily circuit training, which involves toning the whole body for 30 minutes. According to Deshraj, Run Keeper on Android is a good digital trainer and tracks your strides with statistics like pace, distance, time and calories burned.


Break your fast
Dr Ritika Kalra of Qua Nutrition suggests that you start with a healthy breakfast of 300 calories of proteins and whole grains. a�?Then ditch the junk food, avoid the salty snacks and pile on the veggies. You can add a big dose of cinnamon and fenugreek to your recipes to boost your metabolism,a�? she says. And the best way to start your new eating plan to get quick results a�� a glass of fresh lime water with a dash of honey to hydrate your body first thing in the morning.


Paint the town
Beena Sondhi suggests that apartA�from the regular mani-pedis, massage your finger tips with cuticle or almond oil. a�?Using a cream and moisturising lotion is an absolute must to keep the skin tight and wrinkle-free,a�? she says. Then turn your healthy nails into glamour tips for the party season, with stones, crystals and even glitter. And dona��t forget neon colours that really pop.


Mane show
a�?I strongly suggest short hair and styles from the 60s, but for the less adventurous, the usual layered cuts is the way to go,a�? recommends Beena Sondhi of Bangalorea��s Visage salon. She also hints that straight is out and curly is in. Chandini Asrani, hair stylist, says an elegant high bun, a low messy bun or a cute fish tail braid to the side will do the trick. Chandini also suggests the front bump like Eva Longoria.


Hop to it
Brave a new class like Zumba,A�power yoga or belly dancing for aA�fun way to quickly shed the pounds. Gaurav Singh of Fitness First tells us that essentially any form of movement that is high intensity and keeps the heart-rate high for a prolonged period of time should ensure that youa��ll tone up in no time. a�?These exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow forms of workout make fitness sessions a dance party,a�? says Singh.

Washboard abs
The Caynax Aerobic Weider Six app, on Android, gives you a workout schedule for over six weeks which will give you a flat abdomen. This download offers six exercises to perform every day, helping you forget the gym and work out in the comfort of your home.

Text by Aakanksha Singh Devi and Rashmi Rajagopal



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