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    Willie Garson lets us in on life as a quirky conman on White CollarOTBLead5

    AFTER a grand six-season run, White Collar enters the home stretch with the final season. Willie Garson, the charismatic and helpful Mozzie on the show, a conman and second-in-command to Neal, tells us more on the evolution of his entertaining character and life after the show.

    On the showa��s influence.
    My biggest take-away is that TV shows can be run a different way, like this one was. In terms of how ita��s made and what goes on just made it a different place than Ia��ve worked before. We all felt a real part of making it rather than just showing up to work and doing what was presented or told to us.

    Where does Mozzie end up?
    He doesna��t have a goal other than pulling cons, outsmarting people, being the smartest guy in the room and living comfortably. I think hea��d be one of those guys who would actually try and get rid of a treasure if he came across it, just so he could get it again. The game is what keeps Mozzie going and I think he would do that forever.

    Your favourite episodes.
    The reality is, as an actor on a show that shoots the way we shoot, it’s all one long episode. So it’s like a six-year episode. I always like scenes that are not so much about a caper but more about two people talking. And that is true more with Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen), Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer). I simply love scenes where wea��re just talking about feelings.

    What will you miss most?
    The day-to-day camaraderie and fun of being together. Wea��re all very much the same kind of people and we just gelled perfectly. Jeff Eastin, the creator, along with the network worked very hard on casting this show and they just got it right in this blend of people. And it worked out perfectly. That somehow transferred into a big time TV show and it was just delightful. Seeing Matt and Tim every day is a big deal for me. So we try to meet now even though wea��re not working together.

    What next?
    I am producing Courtship. Ita��s a combination of the original show Courtship of Eddiea��s Father, and myself and Nathan, my son, and our life together as an adopted father, combined with courtship. I came up with it, Ia��m producing it and I will be acting in it as well.

    The final episode of White Collar airs on Thursday at 10 pm on Star World Premiere HD.

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