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    Many a time, Ia��ve come across individuals who believe that being a radio presenter is only about announcing the next song. a�?How difficult is it to play out a song?a�? That’s another gem Ia��ve heard over the years. I try not to reason with such folks as they need immediate help with their tunnel vision. Ia��ve decided though, that the next time a wise human comes up to me with the same query, I will simply hand over the microphone.
    Radio presenters are on the endangered list. There are very few today who excel both at speaking to a faceless crowd and winning their acknowledgement and love. Ita��s the presentera��s personality that adds to the magic of radio. When you do see a radio presenter at work, it might look strange, as all you see is a person sitting in a room and talking into the microphone. Some believe that we might need psychiatric evaluation, but trust me, that is how the job is done.
    You catch a particular presenter on-air because you enjoy the pictures painted by that host. This is a bondA� like no other, as ita��s only the sound that attracts you to the medium. So, ita��s not about playing out the next song. It’s about creating a sound social network without any friend requests and pokes. Ita��s much like trying to land a plane with blindfolds on. That said, it is the most fulfilling, enigmatic and therapeutic job ever. Yes, there are many presenters out there who are glitches or rather an unexplained phenomenon like the Bermuda Triangle.
    You wonder why and how they made it, but I guess they exist to create a balance as there are a lot of takers for mediocrity or should I say media-crity! Ita��s important not to mix great scotch and cheap arrack. However, they both need to exist in order to keep up with the supply and varying demands. To all my true radio presenting enthusiasts (you know who you are), keep feeling the sound, keep creating audio avenues that are a great listening experience to anyone who enters and, yes, play the song as well.
    See you next week with more radio talk.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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