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    Real estate has a new address in Flat.to

    Avoid the harrowing experience of moving house, especially if you are a student or a carefree bachelor, through Flat.to a�� touted to be the first website that caters solely to students and bachelors. a�?When I was in college, I had finally found a good flat and when I looked back, I realised the hassles I had to face just to get a single apartment. It suddenly hit me that there are so many students and bachelors like me who are looking out for the same thing,a�? begins Gaurav Munjal, co-founder alongside Aakrit Vaish.

    The team, including Hemesh Singh, lead developer, ensures that people get a personalised view of the space. So eliminating the travel in the heat, shifting from broker to house to owner, all you need to do is, log on to the website, narrow your search down to the street and even price, and rest assured that everything on the site has been strictly verified. a�?We check the originality of photographs, addresses and phone numbers of all the locations. On the top of our list it is to make sure these places are open to housing students and bachelors,a�? explains Manjul, adding they even pay attention to Vaastu!

    Going flat out
    Official tie-ups with certified brokers, as well as associations with colleges make it easier for students to find them. It is, however, the interesting a�?Find a Roommatea�� section that caught our eye. It allows you to gauge which people you might like to room with and avoid strangers trooping in and out of your house. a�?We have made groups on Facebook to see whom you might like as a roommate,a�? says Manjul .

    Currently offering their services in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kota, Delhi and Jaipur, signing up with them might also get you an opportunity to get an internship with leading and innovating start-ups a�� another service they provide.

    Details: flat.to

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