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    You have to develop a signature style while hosting in order to stand out or to get noticed. It doesnai??i??t happen on your first show. For some, it takes years, while there are quite a few radio jockeys I know who identified their tonality within a few months. Why do a lot of presenters speak in the same way?Ai?? Simple, they are devotees of clichAi??! They believe that speaking in the ai???done and dustedai??i?? style is the only way to go on-air. This is where radio units should step in and press the refresh button.

    Itai??i??s only on radio that you find a lot of hosts speaking in the same way. Your voice can do wonders only if you allow it to. Amitabh Bachchanai??i??s voice in Sholay is way different than when you hear him on Sarkar. Yes, the movies are decades apart, but my point is this ai??i?? notice the range that the legend has when it comes to the vocal chords. It is essential for any radio presenter to do the best he or she can in order to sound class for the mass.

    Everyone is unique in their own way, so is their voice. On radio, you have to sound identifiable. That said, your style of delivery is what sets you apart from the rest. Some presenters come on air and start talking like street vendors with the belief that they are sounding local. Thatai??i??s when theyai??i??ve complicated the jig-saw puzzle even more. As a presenter, you do your best to inspire with your talk, primarily through command that you have on your vocabulary.Ai?? That has stopped happening simply because many radio jockeys today are pretentious and try too hard to achieve that local connect.

    The content, delivery, style and voice has to be in perfect sync and in co-ordination or else it will turn out to be akin to a failed trapeze attempt. Itai??i??s quiteAi??amusing when you hear accidents happening on-air and presenters trying to cover them up like nothing happened. Radio stations have to re-think theirAi??methods when they are hiring someone to be a voice in the city. Let the soundscape not sound like a crowded market place.
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