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    The 3 Days to Kill actor talks about movie choices and using a gun with grace

    BETTER known as Johnny Deppa��s girlfriend theseA� days Amber Heard has great screen presence, is charismatic and is often regarded as a sex symbol. Yet the actress has not got her due in the industrya��not surprising considering her repertoire of films like Never Back Down, The Stepfather and The Rum Diary. While her cameo in the horror-comedy Zombieland created quite an impression, her latest film, 3 Days to Kill, directed by McGa��where she co-starred with Kevin Costner as one of the CIAa��s elite assassinsa��has destroyed any credibility by going belly up.

    230740_originalThe media, it seems, is more interested in her personal life. Her relationship with Depp has been going through some interesting phases. Earlier this year, the Texas native reportedly wanted to announce her love to the world and even gave Depp the go-public-or-else ultimatum. However, when he did not budge, Heard walked out on the actor and went back to her former lesbian lover, Tasya van Ree. It appears our actor finally gave in and Heard now sports her ring at every award function and launch party. Meanwhile, shea��s also been quite active on the social circuit. The actress recently visited the California Science Center, along with other stars like Sharon Stone, Larry King, Anna Kendrick and Lupita Nyonga��o, to meet his Holiness the Dalai Lama.A� She tells us about 3 Days to Kill and being selective in Hollywood.

    What attracted you to the role?
    I liked the liberty and freedom that is awarded to a character that isna��t bound by the physical or social laws that the rest of us, or the rest of the characters in the story, are governed by. She exists in her own world. You get the idea that shea��s created a kind of niche role for herself within the organisation, and that shea��s the only one for this sort of work.

    Are you selective with your work?
    I try to be as selective as I can. Ita��s hard to balance the selective approach with the reality of the nature of the industry. Being selective is a moot point when therea��s absolutely no options or selection out there.

    Do you show the actors how to use guns?
    It depends on the gun. It also depends on the nature of the scene.

    Tell me about your next film, London Fields.
    It is one of the most compelling and difficult characters Ia��ve done. It was one of the most difficult, exhilarating, rewarding and compelling processes Ia��ve ever gone through. Matthew Cullen directed it and ita��s based on the novel of the same name by Martin Amis. I think ita��s going to be an incredible movie.

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