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    New apps to update your wardrobe and home tastefully

    Calling themselves a digital discovery platform for shoppers, Fashalot co-founder Amit Koshal, says they want to create a modern approach to shopping without losing the a�?reala�� feel. Currently available only in Bengaluru and New Delhi (Chennai is on their radar next), you can view online catalogues and a�?Looka�� through them. a�?Then comes a�?Lovea�� which allows you to add a product to a wish-list. We notify you when the product goes on sale or is in limited stock,a�? he shares, adding that the next step, a�?Locatea�� means youa��ll get directions to a brick-and-mortar store in your city. Once you check in to the actual store, youa��ll get a surprise discount to keep you going. The other steps keep you in tune with the store for further sales and new stocks. a�?That is how we make it both shopper and retailer-friendly.a�? Currently, they have tied up with multiple brands and retailers including Private Lives, Levis and Van Heusen, apart from standalone shops.
    Picking up on the same format, Cooliyo, on iOS and Android, contains handpicked products from portals like Flipkart and Amazon, plus niche ones, too. Mangesh Panditrao, a co-founder, says that it was created with the woman in mind.A� a�?It brings together the best from across the online world from clothes and accessories to art and home dA�cor,a�? he shares. A version of Pinterest, it has homepage trends if youa��re indecisive and specific searches if you know exactly what you are looking for.
    Both apps allow you to shortlist products, save them, and share them with friends. You can even personalise your feed by following people who have the same taste as yours.

    Details: fashalot.com, cooliyo.com

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