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Hyderabad’s global citizens show you how it’s done at weddings with takeaways like gold-covered almonds, imported biscotti, even themed jaggery

Ita��s that time of the year when couples exchange sacred vows and guests come back home happy and well-fed. And when the guests reach their homes first thing that they dissect is wedding favours received from the hosts. These wedding favours are nothing but tokens of remembrance and appreciation that are enjoyed and cherished. Now what goes inside a wedding favour other than tiny Ganeshas in silver and valuable coins is quite important for many families and the wedding planners that are contacted for preparations of these return gifts. This trend was always there in its own traditional ways like boxes of laddoo and barfi but now a lot of customised sweets, gold-coated almonds, biscotti and imported chocolates are finding favour in the city. We talk to the top families of the city and people who are into designing. We ask them what works when it comes to these return gifts.

Sweets from
Kolkata & Mumbai
Anju Poddar orders little boxes of sweets that she gives as wedding favours along with exclusive boxes of bangles, saris etc. The Poddars source out sweets from Lovey Burman of Kookie Jar, Kolkata. a�?If we choose brownies then we order it from Theobroma, Mumbai that has brownies from RsA�65 onwards and sends orders via courier with additional charges. Other than that if we go the traditional way then we use decorated boxes for the sweets. The sweets are mostly dry so that if the guests are travelling these food items do not get stuck with each other.a�? City-based noted painter Jaya Baheti adds, a�?Silver-coated almonds are popular as wedding favours. But often in the wedding favour boxes we add one layer of these gold or silver coated almonds, another layer of sweets and then biscotti ordered mostly from abroad.a�? Cantuccini the almond biscotto is quite popular among the city folks as is chocolate biscotto. Details: 033 2280 4980

Gold and silver
coated almonds
Dry fruits are offered to guests in Central Asia on festive and marriage occasions. Now, the folks of Hyderabad are picking these glittering nuts for wedding favours. These high-end gold and silver kernels from Dubai. Says city-based socialite Anju Poddar, a�?For weddings in our families we pack silver coated almonds in the packets. We source it from Middle East especially Dubai.a�?

Jaggery statuettes
Another socialite and wedding planner Shashi Nahata based at the city tells us, a�?For my 25th wedding anniversary I got jaggery shaped as bride and bridegroom. I gave a jar of honey along with it in a cute decorated jute bag.a�? She also informs us that a lot of people in the city are going for dried fruits as part of their calories count. They want even their guests to be on their guard hence this choice. a�?I source it out for my clients from Dubai. The favourite flavours of clients are dry strawberry, dry banana and dry kiwis.a�? She adds that one such wedding favour box or bag can cost up to RsA�10,000. Details: 81210 46076

Baadam Kii Jaali
Some families in the city go for Baadam Kii Jaali, a sweet made from almonds and sugar powder that have a lattice design and are available at the Park Hyatt at special request. a�?I sometimes use Baadam Kii Jaali for the wedding favour.a�? Other than this, her pick is Pootharekhulu the thin flaky sweet dusted with sugar powder that just melts in your mouth. She personally oversees the packings and reveals, a�?For every occasion there are different boxes and items. Telling the exact price of the same is difficult. a�? The boxes or baskets used to pack these favours are in bright colours like turquoise, violet, cherry-red, sunflower-yellow and these are packed with golden, green ribbons. Anju Poddar sources her baskets from Chennai-based NGO Manjal as she likes their designs. Details: 4949 1234

Healthy tidbits
Many others in the city are giving organic biscuits, cookies and bottles of honey in the decorative packets or boxes. Says event manager Ravi Aggarwal, a�?I get a lot of orders for organic stuff. People even ask for ragi sweets and cakes. My favourite pick is Light Green Oven of Hyderabad as you get amazing stocks of organic food items. Our clients are top corporates who are catching up with the health awareness.a�? Such packets start from ` 1,000 and go up to 5,000. Depending on the occasion more stuff like dry fruits, silver coins and cardamoms are added. Details: 93910 46862


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