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    8 Store, part of a five-fold approach to wellness,A� features eco-friendly home accessories and more

    Storm drums, newspaper lamps and miniature grinding stonesa��it was quite a delight to find these items at 8 Store, the new addition to Besant Nagara��s landscape. In over four months, 8 Store is gradually finding its feet, thanks to Srivatsa Va��s travels to Tirupur, Pondicherry, Kumba-konam and Vellore; the productsA� he sources through hisA� friends in different parts of the country like Assam, Gujarat and Agra; and his interactions with craftsmen.

    What is interesting is Srivatsaa��s five-fold approach to wellnessa��encompassing food, music, travel, fitnessA� and eco-friendly retail therapya��which he has incorporated intoA� Divine Science, his parent establishmen.A�A�A� Srivatsa, a media professional, says that for the last eight years he has been fascinated by wellnessA� and the prospect of using ancient scientific tecniques to bring balance within the five elements of the body. Despite its small size, 8 Store exudes a serene charm.

    a�?8 is the symbol of balance and harmony,a�?says Srivatsa, as he shows us the many eco-friendly products on display, like lampshades, terracota ware, papier mA?chA�, bags, wallets and wind chimes. The lampshades on sale are made of banana fibre and aloe vera roots, while the terracotta and glass products are from local artisans.


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    Most of the items in the store have a story to tell. For intance, the unassuming wind chimes are designed by Sivanesan, a musical instrument designer, to emit different ragas. The ragas are tuned by professional Carnatic music singer Chaitraa Sairam, who is part of their Healing Ragaas initiative. a�?Each raga symbolises different emotions, like peace, happiness and prosperity,a�? saysA� Srivatsa. Some of the decorative pieces in the store, fashioned from semi-precious stones like onyx and coral, are from Agra. For gifts, the jewellery boxes with Jaipuri art work, shell art and so on, will do the trick. There are also natuaral soaps and perfumes (like tulsi and saffron) from Eternal Concepts, another of Srivatsaa��s brands. What we like about the compact store is the affordability of itsA� eco-friendly products.

    Divine therapy

    More wellness ventures by Divine Science :

    – Healing Ragaas – Healing stress and nervous disorders through music therapy. Consultation priced at `500.

    – Divine Tours – Customised tour packages of temples and spiritual centres
    (from June 2014).

    – Divine Fitness – Learn yoga, Kalari
    and Tai-chi from experts.A�At Rs 1,500 per month.

    – Divine Kitchen – Millet-based menu.

    – At Rs 50 for the set breakfast menu of
    the day (located next to 8 Store).

    The products are priced between Rs 50 and Rs 1,500.Details: 42666588

    a��Gayatri Nair

    (Pics P Ravikumar)



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