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    A lot of regional stations have one weapon missing in their armoury and thata��s a talk show. When you look at the pattern in which stations from around the world function with regards to programming, it is the talk show format that has won over listeners. However, out here we choose to do things differently and there could be many reasons for that. First, in a few words, let me tell you how the talk show format is put into play on radio.
    A topic is decided upon, which is then followed with tonnes of research. Angles are developed to look at the topic neutrally and guests are invited to discuss and debate the same. There is always listener interaction and the show winds down after 60 minutes, with awareness and a definitive view point. The content could be heavy or easy depending on the topic chosen.
    So why arena��t regional stations flirting with the concept of a talk show? Stations dona��t like tweaking their format. Ita��s like changing onea��s signature. That said, a decade-old baby should be allowed to change signatures till it reaches maturity. Another reason why radio units look away from talk shows is probably the lack of faith they have in their presenters, in what they might say. In the past, a few stations have faced the wrath of the public because of irrelevant talk.
    Radio stations, whilst looking for voices, should start hiring journalists as well. The mandate for airing news and current affairs could be passed any time soon and having a journalist in the on-air crew would help immensely. A talk show amongst the same old programming format would only add colour. Aspiring presenters, please start reading the newspaper, and by this I dona��t mean the page which has movie show timings.
    Ita��s important to get to know whata��s happening not only in your city, but also the world around. A slight bit of reading on a daily basis will help tremendously. Use Google for the right purpose and feel the change. I shall see you next week with more radio talk.







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