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    This new restaurant serves up wholesome food with an indulgent twist

    Forage, in Indira Nagarai??i??s 6th main, is easy to miss, among the many bungalows and stores that line the road. A heavy wooden gate opens into a charming
    garden area, which leads to an airy room, that made us feel like we had walked into someoneai??i??s home. A cosy couch, a well curated bookshelf and dimly lit interiors were a few things that greeted us. With a focus on ai???fit foods,ai??i?? the restaurant is helmed by Himanshu Dimri of Grasshopper, and Rajnish Kapoor and his wife Mayura Kutappa, who also run Mayura Lounge, an Indian restaurant in Barcelona.

    The phrase ai???health foodai??i?? might scare many people off, but we were pleasantly surprised by their indulgent and soul satisfying offerings. ai???The menu is just an extension of what we eat. Essentially, itai??i??s clean food that will make you feel like youai??i??ve eaten a good meal without feeling heavy and bloated,ai??? explains Mayura, as she shows us to our table in the al fresco area.

    On your plate
    Designed to let you enjoy the flavours and not fill you up quickly, the appetisers are just perfect to be shared by two people. We started with Zucchini pappardelle with sweet pepper, asparagus and caramelised bacon. Finely sliced slivers of fresh zucchini serve as the pasta. This is peppered with tiny cubes of yellow and red peppers and diced cherry tomatoes. The refreshing plate is lent an aromatic touch with some rosemary and topped with bacon for an indulgent finish. Chicken is conspicuously left off the menu, but we suspect that it wouldnai??i??t be missed, given the deliciousness of their other dishes. The Beef and bacon wonderballs are another interesting starter to sample. Minced beef and bacon bits are formed into a ball and served with a topping of homemade coconut milk and pickled cucumber. Those who love ribs, must not miss the Aromatic pork spare ribs spiced with star anise, cinnamon and orange. The meat was soft and succulent and the spices just enough so that the flavour of the meat could still come through.

    Soupai??i??s up
    For main course, we highly recommend the Soupy lamb, which is perfect for chilly evenings. Tender cubes of lamb meat are served in a warm broth with blanched spinach and proso millet. The flavours are so subtle that your senses are awakened to take in all the clean and healthy notes. The restaurantai??i??s zero dairy and zero sugar rule, saw us tucking into a serving of coffee panna cotta made with coconut milk and sweetened with jaggery, for dessert. It may not sound like the best pairing but the coffee and coconut pairing does work well.

    While the food has a health angle, we reckon itai??i??s really for everyone from the fitness freak to the ardent foodie to someone whoai??i??s just looking for a nice meal with friends or family.

    Rs 1,500 for two. At Indira Nagar. Details: 48525250
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