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    The Bro Code focuses on those all-important finishing touches

    For Mumbai-based brother-sister duo Sohel and Sonali Lalvani, attention to detail is everything. Toniq, their five-year-old womena��s accessory brand, now boasts 76 stores nationwide, but ita��s The Bro Code a�� their quirky, online foray into mena��s accessories, that is really generating a buzz.
    Suited and booted
    a�?Launching in March, we wondered if the market was quite ready for us yet. But we decided wea��d rather be early than late,a�? begins Sohel, adding that despite their initial apprehension, theya��ve been overwhelmed by the response. From Bollywood endorsements (just last week Ali Fazal wore a Bro Code knitted bow tie in a GQ shoot) to a a�?surprisinga�� amount of online orders from tier two and three cities, ita��s been a strong opening season for the brand. a�?Initially I was influenced by the style of my grandfather, whoa��d would wear a three-piece suit and a pocket watch on a daily basis,a�? says Sohel. While he concedes that might not be a�?practicala�� today, he thinks that The Bro Code offers a shortcut to achieving a similar style. a�?Take pocket squares, one of our biggest sellers. Every man should have at least ten in his wardrobe, as they transform your plain black suit every time you wear it,a�? he shares.
    Keeping it fresh
    Despite stocking floral tie pins, colourful suspenders and other products which push the boundaries of mena��s fashion, the brand really does have something for everyone a�� from cufflinks for corporate honchos to bracelets for skater boys. a�?In this market you cana��t stand still, you have to keep moving,a�? says Sohel, adding that shoe-shine kits, wash bags, socks, wallets, bags and belts will all be available by the end of the year. International trends are closely monitored, with phenomenon like wooden bow ties high currently on the branda��s radar. a�?If even one Indian man might give it a go, then we are willing to try,a�? he shares. In the next few weeks, look out for their limited edition a�?valet boxesa�� for men (just in time for fathera��s day), as well as the launch of their blog, and tie ups with physical stores in both Bengaluru and Chennai.

    `499 upwards. Details: thebrocode.in
    a��Maegan Dobson Sippy


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