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    From Mozart to Chopin, French musician Maxime Zecchini is set to dazzle the city.

    If you think it always takes two hands to play the piano, think again. Or see for yourself, at Alliance FranA�aise ofA�Madras, onA�September 8,A�when French artisteA�Maxime ZecchiniA�will use only his left hand to play a few pieces in his 70-minute recital. Describing the Left Hand Repertoire (as it is known) as technically-challenging, the feted artisteA�says heA�is out to create a world record by bringing out 10 albumsa��anthologies of popular compositionsa��using onlyA� his left hand. Of these he has released six.
    The Chennai concert will feature 10 pieces, including classical standards (think Mozart and Chopin) and transcriptions of popular songs and film music. a�?There will be a surprise for the audience at the end, too,a�?A�promisesA�the 37-year-old, who began playing the piano when he was five. About his debut here,A� Zecchini says, a�?Ita��s my first time in India; I am very excited to play in this beautiful country.a�? Having just concluded his performance inA�Bengaluru,A�the concert marks the finale of his seven-leg tour of India.
    a�?The idea of exploring the left hand repertoire came about 10 years ago,a�? explains the musician, who has directed musicals and orchestrated for TV shows in France. a�?This was when I first studied Ravela��sA�Concerto pour la main gauche,a�? he says, referring to the work by French composer Joseph Maurice Ravel, which was commissioned by a war veteran who had lost his right arm. The thrust of this technique is on the positioning of the fingers, their natural flexibility and its powerful range in the keyboarda��s low notes, he says.
    AtA�7 pm, Alliance FranA�aise. Entry free. Details:A�eventjini.com

    a��Sharadha Narayanan


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