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    On radio, the most challenging task is to keep the listener engaged. Ia��m sure most radio stations believe theya��re doing a damn good job of it, but the question is, do the listeners feel the same? Over the years, Ia��ve had many opportunities to speak with listeners and the most common feedback is that theya��d like to be involved.

    Interviews are a part and parcel of every radio stationa��s soundscape. But however interesting the conversation between the presenter and the guest is, ita��s usually big names or controversies that get listeners hooked. This brings me to the question: what really keeps the listeners engaged? In my opinion, when topics are discussed with a panel and listeners are also included in it, thata��s when you get a spike on the phone lines. This goes to show that radio is complete when it links with the other sidea��the listener.
    Yes, in certain stations, even when the listener is part of the conversation with the presenter, things may not sound good because of various components not functioning the way they should. But the overall effect depends on how professional the radio unit wants the show to sound. As the old saying goes, therea��s always a slip between the cup and the lip!

    Game shows have a phenomenal response factor with listeners. Herea��s a sound which is easy, relaxing, and a playground to have funa��either on a drive or back at home. It has the listener wanting more, which is a great positive when it comes to building the database of any radio station.

    Reality shows have a set number of pre-decided contestants, which again keeps the listener interested. However, listeners can only hear the show and not interact in any way with it, which is a liability of sorts. There are so many layers when it comes to programming a radio station to attract the most listeners. Ita��s taken a while for radio units to acknowledge that a�?disruptionsa��, when it comes to programming, breaks the monotony and paves the way for a fresher sound! See you next week.

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