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    Director Rensil Da��Silva on Ungli getting a release date and his script with Mani Ratnam

    Rensil Da��Silvaa��s wait is over. His movie, Ungli, is finally releasing. With a cast that includes Emraan Hashmi, RandeepA� Hooda, Kangana Ranaut and Sanjay Dutt, the film was stalled for more than a year due to issues like Dutta��s arrest and delay in music. This vigilante film is about a group of friends who decide to stand up against corruption. Da��Silvaa��s association with Karan Johar (producer of Ungli) began when he wrote the script for Student of the Year, besides other films like Aks and Rang De Basanti a��before his debut directorial offering, Kurbaan, in 2009. He has also directed the popular television show 24, based on the American series of the same name. With an ad background, Da��Silva shares that he always wanted to be a filmmaker. ungli-2014-movie-hd-wallpaperMore from him:
    Ungli is a lot like Rang De Basanti. It is a fun film portraying a serious message. As for how I choose my actors, I already had a wish list in mind. It is quite difficult making an ensemble film, especially when your actors are always guarding their space. But this group was a good collaboration and was focussed.
    Direction to me is an extension of writing. Earlier, a writer would know just how to write and a director had technical knowledge. But now, the line is slowly dissolving. Everybody is tech savvy and anyone can make a film even on an iPad.
    For me the toughest scene was when the gang breaks up. I started shooting in the morning and when I came out I realised it was late evening. One of the friends betrays the others, plus there is a fight sequence. It was quite a task.
    I have written a script with Mani Ratnam, which might be my next film. We worked on it for six years. He generally knows what I am working on and what I am shooting. This script is about a mana��s life, who goes from rags to riches. Perhaps Karan will produce the film.
    I just walked out of Interstellar 15 minutes ago and it makes me feel so small. I think we need to come up with better stories, we have a lot of scope. Having said that, a show like 24 would have been such a flop 10 years ago, but was such a hit now. I am quite optimistic that way.
    Ungli is scheduled to release on November 28.
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