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Sharad Haksara��s latest photo exhibit explores the contrasts of autumn in Japan and winter in Iceland

ast spring, Sharad Haksar was in Japana��to photograph the clouds of cherry blossoms that turn the landscape a soft shade of cotton candy pink. No sooner had he captured his last frame than he knew hea��d be back, this time to click koyo, or the coloured leaves of autumn, that he had heard so much about. a�?There is a strong sense of art in Japan and they have planted trees that change colour around their temples, which are mostly red. So in autumn, the red on red is incredible,a�? says the award-winning adman and photographer, explaining the frames hea��ll be exhibiting at Art-Houz in Alwarpet from todaya��titled Red, White & Bluea��are tight, concentrated spots of colour that merge both nature and architecture.
That tough shot
All that fieriness, however, seemed to warrant a contrasta��like the dramatic icy landscape of Iceland in winter. a�?Iceland is a place Ia��ve always wanted to visit and this just seemed like the best possible time,a�? says Haksar. If the challenge in Japan was to keep people out of his pictures (koyo is peak tourist season), in Iceland, the weather was the biggest trial. a�?One of my shoots was at JA�kulsA?rlA?n, a glacier lagoon. It was a full moon night and I had just set up my Nikon D800E to shoot the icebergs when a storm hita��the temperature dipped from -6 to -15 degrees. We had to wait four to five hours to get the shot,a�? recalls the photographer. While many of the locations he visited are on the tourist map, he did get recommendations from locals as to where to goa��one of them resulted in a photo of an old WWII plane that had crashed there.
Clicking art
Assuring us that the exaggerated colours in his frames are true to life (with barely any digital re-touching), he says his attempt with every shot is to take a picture that looks like a painting. Next up he wants to do shoots in remote places like Mongolia, and click the night sky and desolate landscapes of deserts.

AtA� Art-Houz, till April 12. Along with 50 photographs, Haksar will also be showcasing six time-lapse videos. Details: 24992173

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