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    Producer CV Kumar on backing talented debutant directors and his latest, 144

    After delivering a long streak of critically acclaimed films, producer CV Kumara��s banner Thirukumaran Entertainmenta��s latest venture, 144, is all set to release today. The producer tells us to expect a simple and entertaining movie. Written and directed by Kumara��s childhood friend and debut director G Manikandan, the producer says, a�?He was always inclined towards creative activities. He used to participate in dramas and dance troupes. In early 2014, we started the discussion of this movie.a�? Kumar himself was quite the movie buff even as a child and shares, a�?I used to watch two to three movies per day sometimes, along with my friends. I remember once we saw MGRa��s Adimaipenn thrice on the same day!a�?
    a�?All I want is for my audience to look at the cinema screen rather than their phone screens for two and a half hours,a�? says the producer. 144 is about two fictitious villages based around Madurai. a�?Movies sometimes tend to depict people of Madurai as folk constantly involved in fights. People there are actually hospitable, very friendly and have a sense of humour.a�?

    Backing new talent
    Kumar has always backed first timers. With his first successful production Attakathi, he tells us how the then debut director Pa Ranjitha��s (currently directing Rajinikantha��s Kabali) clarity of process and the right timing saw the movie through. a�?Then we sold it to Studio Green for distribution, I remember calling them everyday and asking for an update about the release date.a�? After a long wait of six months, the movie finally reached theatres. Another first-timer, director Karthik Subbaraja��s, Pizza promotions were all about social media says Kumar. a�?For Pizza, we contacted group admins, page admins for one whole month. When this worked, I realised how integral this tool could be,a�? says the producer.
    Spotting other trends he says, a�?Sometimes the audience unanimously tends to go for a movie. For example, nowadays Tamil Nadu watches all horror movies which release like Maya, Demonte Colony, Kanchana 2. Ita��s just the mass psychologya�?
    With plans of entering the Telugu market with his own debut directorial venture, Kumar is planning a remake of Indru Netru Naalai which he had produced earlier. Starring Sundeep Kishan and Taapsee Pannu, the shooting will commence soon in Hyderabad.

    144 releases today.

    a�� Seema Rajpal


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