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    The gene pool ensures that these star kids carry on tradition as they get set to take the film industry by storm

    Rich heritage
    Few people can say that their father, grand father and great grandfather have all been famous. But when you are a Sutherland, it is natural. Daugther of Keifer and grandchild of Donald, Sarah Sutherlanda��s apple didna��t fall far from the tree. While she has been on a few episodes of the TV series Veep, she is gearing up for the big onea��her film, Shut Up and Drive. A road trip comedy about relationships, the New York Universitya��s Tisch School of Arts graduate plays Jane, a girl left to cope with a wild child and her boyfriend moving away. The film premiered at the Tribeca Festival last week and releases in cinemas later this year.

    Blooming rose
    Lily-Rose Depp, the 15-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, is set to follow in her fathera��s footstepsa��a daunting task. She will make her foray into the film industry with daddy dearest by her side in Yoga Hosers. While Depp admitted hea��s had trouble being on the same wavelength as her, he says, a�?The problem is shea��s infinitely more sophisticated than I am, and she can run circles around me and she knows shea��s got me wrapped around her finger.a�? The film is set to release on June 1.

    In the genes
    Also debuting in Yoga Hosers, Harley Quinn Smith makes it another father-daughter duo on the set, as she is director Kevin Smith and actor Jennifer Schwalbach Smitha��s child. With Lily-Rose, she plays a provision store clerk, as they team up with a legendary man-hunter, Guy Lapointe (Johnny Depp), in a fight forA� their lives. And while Kevin was calling the shots on the sets, Harleya��s agent gave her the right to fire him. But Kevin ensured that he had to sign off on the under-age girla��s contracts, keeping him safe.

    Ridley me this
    2404Hollywood3aJoining the family business of directing films, Luke Scott takes after his father, the iconic Ridley Scott. With an eye for action and stunning visuals, his debut Morgan is about to fulfil his genetic destiny. The sci-fi thriller had the dubious honour of being on the Black List (a list of excellent yet unproduced screenplays) last year, after which the script was catapulted to fame and shortly after, pre-production. The film explores artificial intelligence and stars Kate Mara, best known for her role as Zoe Barnes in House of Cards.
    Paris calling
    Paris Jackson needs no introduction. Steering away from her legendary father Michaela��s legacy, Paris has signed on for a film named Lundona��s Bridge and the Three Keys. She plays Lundon, in what is expected to be a five-film series, and is the daughter of a marine biologist. Suspended belief, underwater magic and fantasy make it a family adventure. Despite her suicide attempt two years ago, the film is still on track for a 2017 release. Her aunt and singer, Janet Jackson, was said to be absolutely furious about the signing as the family had apparently agreed to honour Michaela��s wishes that his children stay out of show business until they turn 18.


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