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    A new wallet-friendly seafood option surfaces for those on the go

    foodanchor9cSeaFOOD served up in a quick service format can easily be a hit-and-miss affair, especially with the challenges of managing freshness and availability on a tight budget. But the young enthusiastic owner of the newly opened, no fuss, red formica and glass outlet, Fisheteria in the foodie hub of Fraser Towna��s Mosque Road, Abhay Shenvi is very optimistic. “We have a fresh, round-the-year supply of seafood from our aquaculture major a�� a�?the WestCoast Groupa�� which is one of the biggestA� culitvators in the country, he promises.

    The menu is small and interestingly curated with inputs from Prahalad Khakkar and chef Vicky Ratnani. There are noA� salads or desserts yet and they do have some nice lemonades to beat the summer heat with notes of refreshing pomegranate and green apple. As far as offerings go, you can choose from classic fish and chips a�� batter-fried with a generous portion of fries, grilled prawns in garlic butter a�� which we hear is their bestseller, fish fingers that come with their in-house dipping sauce a�� a thousand islands version with a hint of garlic and onion, and spicy-tangy chilli prawns tossed in Mediterranen or Thai basil-chilli dressing. Those who prefer desi spices, try the paratha roll stuffedfoodanchor9b with fish or prawn balchao a�� mildly-spiced Goan-style prawns wrapped in a paratha or tandoori prawn skewers.

    The burgers here are definitely worth a try. The prawn version was the best a�� neatly packaged with just the right amount of cheese, salad and dressing in a soft fresh bun, it is the perfect light midday bite. They also specialise in home deliveries within a 3-km radius.

    Rs. 60 upwards. Details:A� 9986410978

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