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    Happy hands
    Klenzaa��s silver enriched alcohol-free hand sanitizer ensures germ protection for three hours. It is currently available in the 200 ml foam pump in two varieties a�� Cool Cologne and Smooth Strawberry.
    Rs.A�90 upwards. Available on flipkart.com, amazon.com.


    No more hangovers
    Morning Fresh is an alcohol detox drink that helps reduce hangovers and maintain liver health. The 60 ml drink is meant to be had just before going to bed, as your last drink of the day. It contains natural proteins and vitamins that break down alcohol in your systems safely.
    Rs. 100 per bottle. Details: drinkmorningfresh.com.


    Stretch like a pro
    Nike designers have crafted Nike Zoned Sculpt Tights to offer support, fit and comfort for female runners. They looked at the six core training moves a�� push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate a�� to tailor tights that move with the natural motion of a womana��s body, wraps and defines muscle movements and promotes a sense of fluid control.
    Rs. 9,000 upwards. At Nike store, MG Road. Details: 41464087



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