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    Gadgets take centre stage, in customised modular kitchens

    WHILE there is no shortage of international brands offering premium modular kitchens, South Indian outfit Elenza aims to give them a run for their money. Launching as part of the new Smart Home Centre at Sunrise Solutions, the in-house brand offers fully-customised fittings for kitchens as well as bedrooms and living spaces. The interior design space in Domlur has also teamed up with international appliance brands like Miele for fully-integrated solutions.

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    With ranges to suit different tastes and budgets, the showpiece is a fully-automated kitchen that functions without handles, with cupboards opening at the touch of a button. With fittings made locally by Elenza, there is the option to add state-of-the-art appliances from German brand Miele’s newest ‘Generation 6000’ range. For a high-tech kitchen, the ‘knock knock’ dishwasher (which opens when you tap gently on it) is a must, while health conscious consumers could opt for a stainless steel oven that generates its own steam. For coffee-lovers, the inbuilt ‘bean to cup’ machine allows you to select your favourite beans and transform them into anything from an espresso to a cappuccino or latte macchiato. While the ‘hands free’ kitchen starts from Rs. 25 lakh upwards without appliances, more traditional ranges, including one on display in the showroom with a more rustic feel, start from Rs. 14 lakh.

    Apart from launching Elenza, Sunrise has also added new products to its existing bathroom collections, including the Kohler artists’ edition range. Made at a dedicated studio in the US using a ceramic ink transfer process, these wash basins feature hand-painted designs with a variety of inspirations, including a particularly stunning ceramic sink in blue and white, reminiscent of traditional Moorish art.

    At Inner Ring Road,
    Domlur. Details: sunrise
    — MDS


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