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    A delivery service for tailored garments

    It can be a bit of a hassle, especially for working women, to make a trip to the tailora��s, place an order, and collect their finished ensembles, with so much going on and so little time. But Finefitting.com, started by Vivek Kakde, will put a stop to all your tailoring woes. a�?At Fine Fitting, we send our tailors to your home at a time specified by you to collect the fabric and measurements. We also deliver the stitched garments to your doorstep according to your convenience,a�? says Kakde, an HR professional, whose unexpected transfer to the marketing team at his previous company made him quit his job and prompted him to start something on his own. a�?My brother has been in the industry for over a decade and runs his own tailoring unit. I partnered with him as he is already established. It gave me a strong foundation and cut my work in half,a�? Kakde shares.

    Comfort of home

    His wife, Shilpa Kakde, also a tailor, and another well-experienced seamstress do the rounds, travelling all over Bangalore, collecting orders, measurements and making deliveries. Requests for measurements need to be made at least a day in advance and the finished products are delivered in eight days. Customers receive an invoice through email and a reminder a day before the delivery is to be made. a�?Why we ensure the customer is at home during delivery is because, in the event there are changes to be made in terms of fit or design, the visiting tailor knows exactly what alterations are required, ensuring perfectly fitting garments,a�? Kakde informs.
    Located in JP Nagar, their workshop consists of a team of four tailors with close to a decade of experience each in the field.

    Rs.160 upwards. Details: finefitting.com

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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