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    Jokes about the flood? Yes, thata��s also a part of the third edition of Laugh OK Please

    The last edition of Laugh OK Please had 12 local and national comedians, and the popular Ghanta Awards. This year, however, it will be much smaller. a�?We are saving up for something huge in March, the Crispy Masala Dosai Fringe Festival, which will be spread across two weekends,a�? says Evam Standup Tamasha headliner Karthik Kumar. But that doesna��t mean the third edition will be any less fun. In fact, Kumar, along with 2Evama��s top billing SA Arvind, upcoming talents Alex and Baggy, and Bengaluru-based comic Sundeep Rao, promise a crazy evening. a�?SA and I are presenting 25 minutes of absolutely new stuff. We are both completing the run of our solo showsa��Madrasi Da and #Poke Mea��so we are writing new content now,a�? assures Kumar, who says he will be talking about the Chennai floods and growing up middle class. Isna��t the former a risky move, we wonder? a�?Hopefully the jokes will come out in a constructive way,a�? laughs Kumar.
    Tomorrow, at Phoenix MarketCity, at 7.30 pm.Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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