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    A dipping sauce takes centre stage, while policemen make amends. Plus, rewind to the year that was

    Hummus hungry
    Megan Trainora��s All About That Bass isna��t only making waves with the original, but parodies too. In All About That Paste, American-Arab comedian Remy Munasifi talks about hummus and mocks the American version of it. He obsessively pours hummus on everything he eats from cereal to chocolate cake. He goes on to prove how bad a�?supermarketa�� hummus is when compared to his mothera��s homemade goodness. Very tongue-in-cheek, it is thoroughly entertaining and educational!
    Santa sirens
    Since the shooting in Ferguson, policemen in USA became targets. But the force of Lowel, Michgan decided to change that. To spread holiday cheer, they got together to surprise citizens. Instead of giving motorists tickets, they pull over the drivers, ask what they or their families wanted for Christmas, and while stalling them, other cops at a department store bought them the presents on their wish lists a�� from Lego sets to big screen televisions, they really go all out to clear their name.
    Back in time
    DJ Earworm returns with the YouTube Rewind video for 2014, featuring the songs, trends, common folk, celebrities and events that made the year. Starting off with a nod to Guardians of The Galaxy, then snips from How It Should Have Ended, Jimmy Kimmel, the Pentatonix, Sam Tsui, Kurt Hugo, The Slow Mo Guys and other artistes and by-accident artistes. Set to reigning tunes like Happy and Let It Go, it is a fantastic way to say good bye to 2014.
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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